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Fire Safety and Suppression Products and Services

At Peninsula Fire Protection the safety of families and building occupants are our top priority. We design, install and maintain emergency systems for businesses, and homes in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and the bay area. We are available to our clients at all times to ensure that the businesses we protect can function in the manner that they have become accustomed to.

Fire Suppression Systems

We design and install UL300 compliant wet-suppression systems to fit the needs of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. We specialize in commercial kitchen fire suppression, and are proud to have a spotless service record for over 15 years. We will inspect and certify systems for new clients and provide upgrades when the need arises.

Fire Extinguishers

We offer inspection, recharge and replacement of existing fire extinguishers and installation of products when necessary. We keep a record of clients schedule to ensure that you are serviced in a timely manner according to all codes enforced in the area.

Fire Alarms

We sell and install the latest technology in the fire detection industry. Ever increasing sensitivity and response times have dramatically lowered the risks for catastrophic loses in the San Francisco bay area. We are proud to serve in an industry that closely works with businesses to help improve their safety and bottom line.

Fire Escapes

The nine-county San Francisco bay area is home to nearly 8 million people who rely on a secondary form of emergency egress in their workplace. In 1906 San Francisco required all buildings within the fire limit to have a fire escape, much the same as fire codes dictate today. Our goal is to protect the safety of the public by maintaining existing fire escapes and installing new ones when failure occurs.

Emergency Lighting, Exit Signs, First Aid Kits

Peninsula Fire Protection installs products that keep bay area residents protected in the workplace. We have a wide range of emergency lighting fixtures and emergency signage. We install and replace first aid kits as needed.

Fire Safety Facts

Most residential fires start as a Class B (grease) or Class C (electrical) fire but quickly escalate to a Class A fire burning wood, and natural combustibles. Grease and electrical fires should be extinguished with an ABC extinguisher, filled with sodium bicarbonate, and rated for residential application.

A fire doubles in size every minute. 911 response times can vary from 3-20 minutes.

Smoke detectors have been saving lives since the 1970’s. Today they are the first line of fire defense, allowing for a safe evacuation of building occupants. Don’t forget to practice exit routes and commit them to memory.

23% of residential fires and 57% of commercial fires start in the cooking area. Nearly 60% of these fires are unattended by supporting fire departments because of the wide acceptance and use of fire extinguishers.

Fire protection services work, call Peninsula Fire Protection with your commercial and residential needs 1-877-Fire-991