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Fire Hose

At Peninsula Fire Protection, we never forget the firefighter who depends on the performance of the fire hoses we install and maintain. When lives and property are at stake, we choose fire hoses designed for forestry, industrial, and custom municipal use. Our top priority is the quality and safety of the hoses we install, and we guarantee our clients’ compliance with NFPA, UBC, and California State Fire Codes.

If your building has been converted from residential to commercial, or is an older building with few obvious spaces for fire hose installation, we can provide the expertise you need. We have been installing fire protection equipment throughout the Bay Area for more than fifteen years, and we know how and where to install fire equipment in older or “quirky” buildings. We’re happy to offer a free consultation to help plan your entire fire protection system.

Some of the services related to fire hose sales, installation, and maintenance that we provide include:

  • Inspecting fire hoses and Class 1 and 2 standpipe systems for compliance with NFPA 141978 compliance.
  • Mandated annual testing, as well as hydrostatic testing on the fifth and subsequent three-year intervals.
  • Fire hose cabinet sales and installation with signage that meets or exceeds legal requirements.
  • We clearly post inspection and service dates as required.
  • Testing and service of fire hose couplings to ensure they are compatible with your local fire department’s equipment.
  • Replacement of unserviceable hose, including unlined hose, with high-quality lined hose that meets or exceeds state and local regulations.
  • In addition, as a building or business owner, you are required to inspect cabinets and fire hoses monthly for signs of tampering, mildew, cracking, rot, cuts, abrasions or damage from vermin. If damage is found, you are required to replace the hose immediately. You must also maintain the fire hose in a properly-racked condition with the hose nozzle in the closed position. We offer monthly cabinet and hose inspections to help relieve you of that concern.

Important Fire Hose Maintenance Tips:

  • Never use fire hose for any reason other than the intended purpose.
  • Heavily chlorinated water in contact with brass creates zinc chloride, known in the fire hose industry as a nylon stress-cracking agent. Contact may result in failure of manually-operated spool valves.
  • Fire hoses charged with water weigh approximately nine pounds per foot. Dragging the hose will cause premature wear and failure.
  • Hoses should be removed from hose bed and reloaded every six months to prevent weight-related damage to the folds.
  • Never drive over a fire hose without a hose bridge.

Peninsula Fire Protection provides hydrostatic testing, as well as maintenance and certification of all fire hose and stand pipe systems in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We also replace hemp and linen fire hoses that fail inspection. Call 1-877-347-3991 to schedule a no-obligation service assessment.